Switching from blogofile to Nikola

A while ago I decided to write down my recipes an put them on a blog. The first question to answer was: Which platform should I use? I didn't like the idea of hosting my blog on someone else's server neither the idea of hosting some crapy php stuff (or any other stuff that is executed on my server). So I stumbled upon blogofile , a static site generator. After a few hours of setup and getting used to markdown my blog was online, ugly but up and running. Configured with git post-commit hooks and all that fancy stuff. Since then some time passed by and it seems that blogofile is no longer actively maintained and I decided to look out for a new platform to run my blog.

My requirements didn't change since I first set up my blog. However, which static site generator fits the purpose best? Pelikan is an option, but with one big problem: I started with markdown blog posts and switched to reStrucutred Text later. There are some blog posts out on the inte#rnet that show you how to change from blogofile to Pelikan and I tried, but I wasn't willing to put the effort to move all my design to Pelikan, and so I found Nikola which has a nice default layout and supports all my old blogofile blog posts.

After some initial troubles like putting different post categories apart from one and another (my brain told me it couldn't be that easy and the configuration file is quite extensive) I got Nikola up and running smoothly. All my old blog posts were available within seconds, a deploy command added to the configuration file and, since Nikola supports internal checks, all dead links removed and corrected.